I still remember those days about 2-3 years back when I visited an ice cream store and people would demand just chocolate flavoured ice creams, especially the cornetto that I bought only for the dice of chocolate that is placed at the bottom of its crispy brisk cone. Even when I had a look around the parlour I would often see people with chocolate ice creams in their hands and much possibly that Chowpatti Kulfi plates and butterscotch cones. Fine! this was all about the past.

But a few days back when I visited an ice cream parlour I hardly saw someone with that lovely brown Gelato.My heart sank believe me. Why was that so?? They ordered Butterscotch, French vanilla, Roasted almonds, Guava Sharbatt, Mango Sharbat and so on… I was like standing there wishing to punch each one’s of face saying, No! No! chocolate is the best. How can you afford not to choose that almond dipped choco?. How can you not get mesmerised in that flavoury and creamy texture. Come on! buy it. It will make your day more beautiful. But then you cannot force anyone. Everybody has their own choices, Right! Later when I was enjoying my own double scooped Belgian chocolate Gelato thoughts began to creep my mind like the summers are closer and so this may be the atual reason why  people are preferring guava and mango Sharbat. Also they may not be aware that chocolate is bad for health is just a myth. Don’t we justify our loved once in the same way. We always do. We jusy begin to make excuses even though we know that we may be lying to yourself. 

Also chocolate ice cream is my love cause I am simply giving it such a space in my blog with justifications like, no, its the best… hahahaha!

Belgian Chocolate Icecream Scoops

So basically it’s all about 2 things :

  • Chocolate ice cream is the best and will be the best..
  • And the second thing we have a habit to justify your loved ones for anything and everything. We always do. Believe me. So people forgive your loved ones often friend and live your life to the fullest. That’s it!

And yes don’t forget to have that lovellly creamy delicious Belgian Chocolate Icecream okay.. Love ya! 

_By Hafsa Khatri

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. millionsrich says:

    You must really love this otherwise you wouldn’t write an entire article on that. But I should say ‘beautifully written’.


    1. Hafsa Khatri says:

      I am glad u liked it😊 @millionsrich and yes I really love Chocolate Ice Creams😋

      Liked by 1 person

      1. millionsrich says:

        Looking forward to some other wonderful posts by you.


      2. Hafsa Khatri says:

        Thank you! Will be updating soon.

        Liked by 1 person

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